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Tal Campbell

How much can I expect to spend on a Photo shoot with Tal?

I work with unlimited budgets.  Please Call today 972-263-6789

What if I would like to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule, you are allowed to do so up to 72 hours prior to your photo session.

This allows us time to make other customer arrangements for your scheduled time.


Failure to do so could result in your the forfeiture of your advanced payment.

What if I am a No Call / No Show or late for my session?

Your personal communication is very important and we will make every attempt within reason to keep you informed about your photo shoot schedule. If you are a No Call / No Show for your appointment, your advanced payment will be forfeited and your paid funds will be used for liquidation for the time you had reserved. No refunds or credits will be issued. 

If you are late for your photo shoot, this time comes off your full session time. For example / If you are 30 minutes late for your scheduled time, 30 minutes will be deducted from your photo shoot unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Product Refund

No refunds on CD's, disk or print order payments once you have received your merchandise. If you have a problem with any product purchases, please inform us immediately so we can find the best solution to rectify your issue.

What is your refund policy to cancel my photo shoot?

When you make an advanced payment or deposit toward the booking of your photo shoot or event, you are making a personal commitment for us to take that time slot off our calendar immediately and no other customers can be scheduled for business at that time. Tal Campbell photography does not offer a refund but wll be glad to reschedule you for another date an time. 

Our policy is that no refunds will be issued for any advanced payments or deposits made toward the booking of your photo shoot (reschedules only). Your advanced payment guarantees a booking date and time slot for your photo shoot. 

How Long Is The PresenTation?

Please allow up to 90 minutes for your after the photo shoot review and presentation. This time is needed in order to present a slideshow presentation of your photo shoot and answer any questions pertaining to your photo shoot and pricing. Since we only do one presentation, all decision makers for the final purchase should attend. All questions pertaining to pricing, deals and customer service issues are expected to be handled at the presentation. This allows the photographer an oppofrtunity to take care of any customer service issues before you leave the presentation.

Do you have a photo shoot guarantee?

All photo shoots are reviewed before you take possession of your image.and comes standard with a photo shoot guarantee. If you determine before taking possession of your images at your after the shoot presentation that you are not happy with the results of your photo shoot, please inquire with the photographer to see if you are eligible for a reshoot at no charge. This does not include event coverage of any kind.


The photographer will go over all the details with you. The Photo Shoot Guarantee is only available with the Premium Photo Shoots.  

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