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The New Photographers Network


Contact Tal 972-263-6789 

Tal is very good at what he does! He has 35 plus years in the photography industry.  


Tal is creating a dream team of great photographers from people  that have little or no photography experience. Tal will personally Mentor, Train and Coach you for success. He can take you from 0 to 60 in little time. Tal's ultimate  goal is to one day see your images on the front cover of an upscale publication such as Essence or Vogue Magazine. 


Tal starts with his one hour Dropping The Knowledge Icebreaker Meetup $129 plus tax. You'll have a one on one conversation with Tal Campbell as he drops  his knowledge on you. When finished, you will have received a wealth of knowledge with a value worth well over $1,000.

Be sure to bring a pen and paper as we'll as being prepared to ask all your question and pick his brain.

After your initial experience  and you  decide you want more, Tal will offer you an opportunity to join his New Photographers Network and train over a period of time to become one of his Great Photographers.


Get Started Today ! The New Photographers Network is Reserved for Ten Members only.

Advanced and Professional Photographers are also welcome.

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